Mintos Review 2019 – My Results After 8 Months

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This is my unbiased Mintos review after 8 months of investing on the platform. Let’s see what returns I got and if the platform right for you!


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What is Mintos?


Mintos is a Latvian peer to peer (P2P) platform that connects alternative lending companies with investors all over the world. The platform launched in January 2015 and currently has more than 183,691 registered investors who’ve earned more than €59 million in interest since joining.

Mintos has funded over €3bn in loans that range from short-term loans, business loans, mortgage loans, car loans and personal loans among others. More than €6 million in loans is funded on Mintos daily.

Mintos has become the biggest peer-to-peer platform in continental Europe and keeps growing at a rapid pace.



The company reached profitability in 2017 with a revenue of 2.1 million EUR and net profit of 196.000 EUR. They currently employ 140 people in Riga, Berlin, Vilnius, Warsaw, Mexico City, South East Asia, Russia and Brazil.

Mintos has won many awards, including AltFi‘s People’s Choice Award 3 years in a row!

Mintos review: AltFi Winner 2018 Mintos review: AltFi Winner 2017 Mintos review: AltFi Winner 2016


Mintos Returns – What Can I Expect?


There are thousands of different loans available on the market at any given time, which range from 6%-18% in different currencies. If you are looking to invest in euros, the loans are usually between 10%-14%.

According to Mintos, the average net annual return is 12.18% for all investors on the platform, and it matches my results pretty closely. So far I’ve been getting returns of around 12%. With that said, some investors have reported earnings as high as 14% on Mintos!


What Loans Can You Invest In?


Mintos Review: Loan types available on Mintos


With Mintos, you have the option to invest in 12 currencies and in 30 different countries. The loans on Mintos range from personal to business, and cover the following areas:

  • Mortgage Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Invoice Financing
  • Business Loans
  • Short-Term Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Agricultural Loans


Is My Money Safe? Mintos’s Buyback Guarantee


In investing, your money is always at risk. But with that being said, your money is pretty safe on Mintos thanks to their buyback guarantee.

A buyback guarantee a legally binding promise from the loan originators on Mintos that if a borrower fails to pay back the loan after 60 days, the loan originator will step in and give you back the invested principal. 

Depending on the loan originator, they may also repay the interest earned for the period that you had the loan, including the 60 overdue days (not all loan originator’s do this, so make sure to only invest in the loan originators that offer this option – more on this below in the Mintos strategy section).

This transfers the risk of losing capital from you to the loan originator. In the majority of the cases, this means that you receive your invested money and the principal back 100% of the time. For example, I’ve personally never had a loan default on Mintos.

Currently, over 95% of loans on Mintos come with a buyback guarantee and I strongly advise you to invest only in loans that have a buyback guarantee.

However, this doesn’t mean that your investments are completely risk free: there’s still the risk of a) Mintos going bankrupt and b) the loan originator going bankrupt.

In fact, quite recently a loan originator called Eurocent went bankrupt and there were hundreds, if not thousands of investors who lost money in the process.

Mintos is still dealing with the situation and they are trying to get as much money back from the defaulted Eurocent loans as possible. You can read more about the situation and updates on Mintos’s website here. This is why it’s always important to diversify across different loan originators!

Now, let’s examine the possibility of Mintos going bankrupt. 

This is a real possibility and I would be very cautious investing my money into long term loans with a term of 3-5 years. This is why all of my loans on Mintos are up to 12 months – if the economy or the platform takes a hit, I will still hopefully manage to get my money out of Mintos.

With that being said,  Mintos has proven to be an excellent investing platform with great transparency when it comes to reporting about their finances. They are the largest P2P investing platform in Europe and have now funded over €3bn worth of loans and I’ve never had a loan default on the platform. I will definitely be keeping my money with Mintos going forward!

In fact, Mintos is so trusted among the peer to peer lending community that there are investors with Mintos portfolios over one million euros! 


Portfolio of


Does Mintos Have A Secondary Market?


Mintos has a highly active secondary market that has sold loans worth of over €168 million! In total, there have been over 13 million transactions on the secondary market.

Here you can see a screenshot of the loan details on the secondary market:


Mintos Review: Statistics about the secondary market on Mintos


Like you can see, the majority of the loans in 2019 were sold at face value. Some loans were sold at a discount and some with a premium. Indeed, some investors use the secondary market in Mintos to sell high interest loans for a profit and use this in their investment strategy. 

Another way that investors can make a quick profit on the secondary market is by investing in loans with a cashback bonus, and then selling them off at their face value. 


Mintos Review: My Results After 8 Months


My experience on Mintos has been very positive for the past 8 months that I’ve been investing on the platform. I’ve received a reliable 12% on average month over month as well as €30-€40 in income per month, depending on how many loans are paid on time, and how many are overdue.

I’ve set up multiple auto-investing strategies and generally there are enough loans on the platform to meet my investment criteria. This means that I haven’t experienced significant cash drag on the platform, which is great.


My Deposits:

  • 2nd January: €1,010
  • 19th January: €550
  • 3rd February: €1,000
  • 11th February: €440
  • 9th April: €100


Total deposits:  €3,100

Account overview:

Mintos Review: Screenshot of my Mintos dashboard


In total, I’ve deposited €3,100 to the platform and my current balance is €3,341.33. This means that I’ve earned €241.33 on Mintos in 8 months, which is slightly higher than what you can see from the screenshot. The reason for this is that I invested in some Russian loans that were issued in rubles and the profit for these doesn’t show up in my EUR dashboard.

As you can see, my average return on the platform has been around 12%, which corresponds to my own calculations and is an accurate representation of the types of loans that I invest in.


Monthly Income From Mintos



Since April, I’ve been tracking my monthly income flow from Mintos. As you can see, the income fluctuates between €30-€40, depending on if loans are paid on time. So far, I’ve had no defaulting loans and I haven’t lost any money on the platform. 

If you want to follow my journey to financial freedom more closely, you can check out my monthly portfolio reports. There, I go into more detail about how much income I make from P2P platforms and give you the latest updates on my returns.


Setting Up Your Strategy 


Achieving great results is all about setting up your strategy right. First of all, you want to get familiar with the loan originators on Mintos.

Mintos has ranked all their loan originators from A+ to D, and I suggest sticking to investing in the loan originators that fit the A & B criteria. As always, if you want to research more into the loan originators that are on the Mintos platform, I strongly advise you to do this as well. Looking at the financial reports and board of directors can be really helpful when deciding which loan originator you want to invest with.

Furthermore, I personally only invest in loans that have a buyback guarantee and I would advise you to do the same. This way, you have less risk of losing money.

Finally, I would suggest only investing in loan originators that offer income on delayed payments. Otherwise, you will not be paid for any overdue payments, and this will lower your overall returns.

Mintos is fully transparent about which loan originators offer income on late payments and to find this, you can head over to “Loan Listings” in your primary Mintos menu, then navigate to “Loan Originators” and click on “Details”.

Here’s a screenshot of what you should be looking for: 


Mintos Review: Loan originators

Mintos Review: List Of Loan Originators


If you want to receive interest on delayed payments, only invest in those loan originators that will pay income on delayed payments!


How Long Should Your Loans Be?


The length of the loans that you choose is completely up to you. The bigger timespan that you give your loans, the more options you will have to invest and the less cash drag you’ll experience.

With that being said, I only invest in loans that have a 6 month term or less. This is because of two reasons. First and foremost, even though Mintos has a great track record and even though it’s a trusted company, it hasn’t been through a recession.

And that’s not exclusive to Mintos: most P2P platforms haven’t experienced a recession yet, so in my eyes, the business model hasn’t been proven. As far as I’m concerned, they could all go bust in the next recession. We just don’t know.

That’s exactly why I only want my loans to be 6 months or less. 

If you’re investing in P2P for the long term, you might want to consider investing in loans that have a longer term. Many investors solely focus on investing in loans that mature in 1-2 years on Mintos, because this means there’s less work for them overall.

What’s more, loans that mature in 1+ years typically will have a higher interest rate, such as 14%. So, if you are willing to lock your money in for longer, you will also earn more profits.

Furthermore, if you want to liquidate your loans in the future, you can always do so on the secondary market on Mintos. The secondary market on Mintos is very active and more than €168 million of loans have been sold on the secondary market so far.

If you have loans with a high interest rate, you won’t have problems selling your loans to other investors – sometimes, you can even charge a premium for high interest loans! However, if you have loans with an average interest rate, you may need to sell them at a discount. 


Setting Up Your Auto Invest Strategy


Now that you have an idea of what loan originators you can trust and which one’s you would rather stay clear from, it’s time to set up your auto investment strategy. To demonstrate, I’ll show you how I’ve set up mine.

The cool thing about Mintos is that you can have multiple auto investing strategies active at once, and you can set the priority of each strategy.


Mintos Review: My Auto Invest Strategy

Mintos Review: My Auto Investment Strategy


Like you can see, I’ve set the priority of the loans to be so that loans with 14% yield are invested into first, then loans with 13% yield, and so on.

I also have two different sets of strategies that I’ve named “less risky” and “more risky” – these reflect the different loan originators that I’ve included in each. I’ve considered their rank on Mintos (A, A-, B+, B & B-) to rank them.

I also never invest more than 1% in each loan. I generally recommend only putting between 0,5-1% of your portfolio value into one loan, and never more than that. This diversifies your risk in case your loans default. 

For me, this means investing €15-€30 into one loan, as I have a portfolio of €3,340 on Mintos.

Here are some more pictures of the auto investment strategy that I have in place (click to make them larger!):


My Mintos strategy My Mintos strategyMintos Review: my strategy

Mintos Review: My Auto Investment Strategy


I always reinvest my funds to get the maximum yield possible.

Plus, I also always invest only in loans with a buyback guarantee! This will protect you from losing money.


Portfolio Diversification


On top of diversifying your portfolio between different loans, you can also diversify your portfolio between different loan originators and different countries. To do this, head over to your auto invest strategy and simply click “Yes” when you’re asked about diversifying across loan originators.

Here is what my portfolio looks like at the moment:

My Mintos strategy: Mintos diversification My Mintos strategy: Mintos diversificationMy Mintos strategy: Mintos diversification

Mintos Review: My Portfolio Diversification


Bonus: Get 1% Cashback


If you want to kickstart your earnings on Mintos, you can do so with their 1% cashback deal! You will get an exclusive 1% bonus on all the investments that you make within the first 90 days of your registration if you sign up through one of my partner links. You will not get this bonus if you sign up directly on!

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Conclusion: Should You Invest With Mintos?


If you’re looking for a reliable peer to peer lending platform to invest in, Mintos is the one for you. It’s currently the biggest P2P lending platform in Europe and funds more than €6 million in loans every day. 

You can expect reasonable returns on Mintos from 12-14% and their buyback guarantee will give you a piece of mind knowing that your money is safe. 

Furthermore, Mintos allows you to diversify your portfolio a lot: you can invest with 65 different loan originators in 30 different countries and you can choose between 7 types of loans (personal, business, etc.). This is one of the greatest strengths on Mintos!

Personally, I’ve been very happy with my results on Mintos and will continue investing with them. I’m excited to see how the platform evolves and expands in the future.


Other Options


While I highly recommend using Mintos, especially if you’re just starting out with P2P lending, there are other options out there.

You can head over to my monthly portfolio reports and see what other platforms I’ve been using and what returns I get from them.


Thank you for reading this Mintos review. I hope you found it useful and that I gave you some new ideas to use in your strategy. Please feel free to let me know more about your strategy in the comments below.

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