May Portfolio Update

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Welcome to my monthly portfolio update! This month’s income report will be quite brief because I only ended up investing €500 into P2P platforms.

With that said, let’s get straight into it!



May Portfolio Income


Mintos: € 3,223.80 (last month’s balance: €3,189; Interest received: €34.80 – 13.1% p.a.)

Grupeer: €1,011.49 (last month’s balance: €1,002.95; Interest received: €8.54 – 10.2% p.a. )

Envestio: € 1,537.33 (last month’s balance: € 1,025.19; Interest received: €12.14 – 14.2% p.a.)

RoboCash: €1,020.17 (last month’s balance: € 1,009.09; Interest received: €11.08 – 13.2% p.a.)

EstateGuru: €1,005.01 (last month’s balance: €1,001.75; Interest received: €3.26)


I don’t add EstateGuru’s yield because interest from projects is mostly paid quarterly.


Total P2P: €7,797.80 / last month: €7,227.98

Total Interest: €69.82 / last month: €63.78


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May Stats


Total Deposites Made: Envestio: €500

XIRR: ~12.7% (excluding EstateGuru)

May net income from other sources (after tax): €2,456

Blog visitors: 89 users (+49)


Why did I invest only €500? Last month I told you that my aim was to invest €1,500 every month, so why am I all of a sudden backing off? Well, last month I managed to somehow invest €2,500 into P2P, so this month I’m simply putting in the remaining €500.

I’m also going to Norway for 10 days this month and the trip wasn’t very cheap, I’ll tell you that!


But with that said, even though I only invested €500 last month, it’s nice to see how the income received from the platforms is starting to have a compounding effect. Altogether I only earned +€6 more compared to April, but it’s a start. If the returns remain around 12%, next month the interest received should be around €70-€80.

Next month I should also receive my first few payments from EstateGuru, so I can tell you more about the platform in detail. So far, I like it!


The Plummeting Pound… Time To Pay Off Some Student Loans?



I’m not sure how caught up you are with the latest Brexit news, but I’ve been following the news diligently and checking up the exchange rates between the pound, euro and dollar pretty regularly.

After all, I live in London but get my salary mostly in dollars and some of it in euros.

Over the last few weeks the pound has shifted from 1.17 against the euro to below 1.13, which is the lowest it’s been since January this year! Even though it’s bad for the UK economy, I can’t help but feel joy whenever I see the figures go down, because it means that I have more money to spend that month.

Right now, the pound is so cheap that instead of investing money into my portfolio, I’m going to spend most of it re-paying my student loans. 

If you live in Europe you might be shocked by the amount of loans that I still have remaining… In total I have £ 21,500.76 at 3.3% interest and €22,757 at 0% interest. So, that’s just shy of €50k in student loans. Yikes!

I’m in no hurry to pay them off unless the interest rates go up, because my money is better spent earning 8-12% interest than paying off a loan of 3.3% interest. However I’d still like to tackle my debt a little bit every year. By the end of 2019, I want my loan at 3.3% to be down to £18,000, so that’s another £3,500 + interest to put in before the end of the year.

Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll catch you next month.



Newest Investments


You can head over to my portfolio to see the latest state of my portfolio and where my money has gone in the last months!

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