January Portfolio Report: €26,889.33

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Hi fellow wealth seekers and welcome to another income report!

I’m aware that I’m publishing this report very late, and that’s because of a few reasons. First and foremost, I was on holiday during the first week of February, and secondly I’m currently in the middle of launching a new book with my other business venture.


Envestio & Kuetzal Declared As Scams


A LOT has happened since my last portfolio update. Two platforms that I had invested in have officially been declared as scams: Envestio and Kuetzal. If you’ve invested in either of them, I urge you to report your case to the Estonian police. There’s also a law case that is currently being organized against both Envestio and Kuetzal. I believe they’ve closed their funding for now, but you can follow the discussions surrounding both Envestio and Kuetzal on Telegram, here and here respectively.

I lost about €2,000 in investment collectively on Envestio and Kuetzal. While it’s definitely a huge blow for me, I’m not devastated. There were people who lost hundreds of thousands in the platforms – I’m not affected the worst.

With any investments come risks, but the risk should never be that you’re investing into a scam. It’s such a low blow.

This experience has shaken up my trust in the whole P2P industry, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. When the news regarding Envestio broke, I made a conscious decision to decrease my exposure on P2P significantly. My strategy going forward is to have a little money on a lot of platforms – I still want to try out as many legitimate platforms as I can, but I won’t be investing more than €500 on any new platforms, just to be sure.

I will also be reducing my exposure on all the platforms that I’m currently invested to €500 (except Mintos, my stake there will be €2,000). I will still continue to invest £2k into the stock market (S&P 500) on a monthly basis and I’ll use the extra money to clear my student loans.

Once my debt is cleared, I’ll put more money into P2P.

Stocks have been performing really well this year, and the yield is pretty much on par with P2P. So, while were waiting for the storm to pass in the P2P industry, I will happily stick to stocks.

Some of the P2P platforms are easier to withdraw from than others. I’ve already successfully withdrawn all the money I want from Swaper, Robocash and Mintos – on these platforms, my balance is now €500, €500 and €2,000.

The loans that I have on platforms like EstateGuru, CrowdEstor and Grupeer are long-term, often stretching to 1 year and more, so reducing my exposure there will take some time.


























Total Value

€ 2,007.68


€ 500.3



€ 501.03

€ 504.56




Total P2P Income: €99.42

Total Yield (Month To Month): 9.5%

(Note: I’m a little bit perplexed about how to count the yield here. Technically, all of my P2P investment yields were wiped out as the news about Envestio and Kuetzal broke. However, the yield that I’m using here is the yield that doesn’t take the losses into account directly.)

Crowdlending Portfolio Value: €7,316.71 (Previously €12,581.84)

Stocks Portfolio Value: €19,572.62

Total Portfolio Value:26,889.33



Portfolio Performance: Historical View




The income from my P2P portfolio was €99.42 this month, which is -€49.34 lower than last month.

Like I mentioned, I lost €2,000 to Envestio and Kuetzal, which accounts for some losses in the monthly income. If I’m being honest, I lost all of my P2P income (and then some) from the previous year, but I’m not quite sure how to put them on the graphs.

Should they be giant swings of red on the graph, or should I just continue to plot my income from other sources? The latter is what I’m sticking to for now.

Because of the news surrounding Envestio, I also reduced my stake quite drastically in some of the other P2P platforms. Next month, I’m expecting my P2P income to decrease a lot!




My crowd lending and stocks portfolio is now 26,889.33, which is -€1,608.95 lower than last month.

Even though I lost about €2,000 to the scam sites, growth in the stock market has been pretty great and the sterling has been rallying strong, which explains why my overall portfolio didn’t decrease that much.

In total, I withdrew and lost more than €5,000 in P2P, but my overall portfolio wasn’t too affected. I also added my usual £2k towards S&P500.






My monthly income graph from Mintos dipped a little compared to what I usually get. This was completely expected, as I withdrew €1k from the platform. I expect it to dip a little lower in the upcoming months.

Out of all P2P platforms, Mintos seems to be the most trustworthy. It’s also the biggest with almost €5 bn invested.

Even though the returns aren’t sky high, I’ll keep my portfolio on Mintos relatively high compared to other P2P platforms.



If you don’t have an account on Mintos yet, you can sign up through my partner link and get 0,5% cashback bonus on all your investments for the first 30 days with the code “CLIY4V”. (You will only get this bonus with my code!)

To read a more detailed Mintos review and a full recap of my historical returns on the platform, head over to my Mintos review here.






The income from Grupeer was €16.91 this month, which is on par with what I’ve been receiving from them in the past few months.

During 11th-26th February, Grupeer is celebrating their 3rd birthday and is launching an initiative where the interest rates on loans will be raised to 14%. It’s an excellent time to invest in the platform, if you haven’t already!

During the last month, Grupeer has gone to extra lengths to remain transparent with their audience. For example, yesterday they announced that they are doing a “Ask Us Anything” email series, and summing up the Q&A’s on their blog on the 20th February.

Grupeer’s Co-founder Alla Kisika has also made a statement on Youtube regarding the recent news in crowdfunding.

If you’re debating which platform to go with between these two, I recommend Grupeer if you are after a higher interest rate (13% vs 12%), and RoboCash if you want liquidity in your portfolio – their loans are very short-term (30 days or less).  






This month, I earned €18.51 on RoboCash, which is on par with what I’ve been getting over the last few months.

RoboCash is one of my most passive platforms and I rarely check in to do any changes on the account. If you’re looking for a hands-off investment platform, this one is worth checking out.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve personally decided to decrease my stake at ALL the platforms that I’ve invested in, and RoboCash is no exception. I was able to withdraw €1,300 from the platform in less than a month, which is fantastic. All of the loans were 30 days or less, so the liquidity was very high.

When the P2P storm passes and I can feel confident putting more money into P2P platforms, this is exactly what I’ll want – quick liquidity.


If you’re debating which platform to go with between these two, I recommend Grupeer if you are after a higher interest rate (13% vs 12%), and RoboCash if you want liquidity in your portfolio – their loans are very short-term (30 days or less).  






January on EstateGuru was like it usually is – interest was paid on time and there’s not much to report on. I received about €100 of principal back from previous investments, and decided to transfer that to my bank account.

Even though the returns on EstateGuru are low compared to some other platforms here, after over 9 months of using the platform I can thoroughly recommend it. Less profit also means less risk, and sometimes it’s good to balance your portfolio with secured loans that have an actual asset (a property) backing them up.


You can also receive a +0,5% Bonus for the first 90 days when you sign up – Claim it here. (Want more information? Read my EstateGuru review here)






In the last month, I earned €10.34 from CrowdEstor, which is around what I expect I’ll be receiving monthly from now on. Some of the projects pay monthly, so my income from the platform will vary.

As far as projects go, CrowdEstor is my favorite crowd lending platform. They offer competitive interest rates (averaging at 14-15% and going up to 18%), and they are fully transparent with their investors. Before investing into projects, you get access to all the financial information about the company that you’re looking at, and you can also see exactly how your money will be spent.

Some people have called into question the parallels between Envestio and CrowdEstor and are speculating if there’s a possibility of fraudulent activity on the site. Personally, I’m not sold on this idea, as there are  projects on the site associated with big names like Limp Bizkit.

However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution, especially if you don’t have too much extra cash to spare.

If you want to add some real estate and business projects with a high yield to your portfolio, I can recommend CrowdEstor.







January was my second month where I received an interest payment from CrowdEstate. From now on onwards, interest payments should be monthly, but they’ll vary depending on the projects (some are paid out quarterly).

CrowdEstate and EstateGuru are in my opinion quite similar – they both operate predominantly in the same markets and pay a similar amount of interest (10-11%). 

However, the main difference is that the loan volume on EstateGuru is a lot higherAt any given time, you’ll at least have a couple of loans available to invest in, whereas on CrowdEstate you’ll have to wait a lot longer to invest your money, if you want to diversify into different projects.

Between these two platforms, I recommend EstateGuru. (You’ll also get a 0,5% bonus for the first 90 days when you sign up which is a plus.) The only scenario where I would recommend CrowdEstate over EstateGuru is if you’re looking to invest in Italian or Romanian properties – you won’t find them on EstateGuru.






My experience on Swaper has been really good so far. In my experience, there’s always some cash drag, but most of my money has been invested at all times.

All of the loans on Swaper are short term and often under 30 days – this makes the liquidity of the platform very high. In January, I topped up my account by €500, invested it all and then decided to withdraw what I had put in. It only took 2 weeks for me to get all the money back!

All loans on Swaper come with a buyback guarantee and the average interest rate on the platform is 12%. After setting up my auto-investment strategy, there wasn’t much else for me to do. So far, everything works well and I like user interface of the platform too. I’ll report back next month to see if my yield has risen.






In January, I made €118 from the blog, which is a bit of a dip compared to the last few months. This is completely understandable, because most people’s confidence in P2P was shaken up because of the Envestio and Kuetzal cases.

On my other blog, Chic Pursuit, I had a really good month – the best month yet, actually! I somehow managed to make $11,350, which was awesome.  

If you want to start a blog and track your investments and savings too, head over to my step-by-step tutorial on How To Start A Personal Finance Blog.

If you’re interested in learning in more detail about how to make money blogging, you can check out my income reports on my second blog, The Chic Pursuit, where I do monthly deep dives about how to make money as a blogger.


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