Envestio Review – My Results After 6 Months

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This is my unbiased Envestio review after 6 months of investing on the platform. Let’s see what returns I got and if the platform right for you!


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What Is Envestio?


Envestio provides bridge financing and equity replacement loans to large investment projects.

Currently, most of the loans provided on the platform include industrial loans in mining, materials production, energy production and real estate development, mainly for factories and warehouses. There have also been loans that fund wind farming and food production, to name a few more.

Envestio started as a private investment fund in Estonia in 2014 and went public in 2017.

At the time of the writing, 34 projects have been successfully completed and 57 active projects are on the platform. There are 5,715 registered investors on the platform who have funded €14,8 million towards the projects and received € 726 240 in interest.


Envestio Returns – What Can I Expect?


Envestio became quite popular in the P2P and crowd lending circles in 2017 and 2018 for good reason: they were offering returns as high as 22%.

However now that the platform is more established, the yield on new projects has dropped to 16-18%. On average, investors earn 18,71% according to Envestio. This is still an amazing rate of return compared to other crowdfunding platforms!


Example Projects:


Envestio Review: Screenshots of active and funded projects on the platform

Envestio Review: Screenshots of active and funded projects on the platform


Most of the loans that appear on Envestio are large scale real estate, industrial, production and trade, energy and crypto mining loans, such as these that you can see here. The typical interest rate is 16-18% and the typical loan term is anywhere from 4 months to 12 months.


Envestio’s Buyback Guarantee


Envestio offers a partial buyback guarantee.

At any time, investors can re-sell their loan back to Envestio with a 5% penalty rate. This means that you’ll receive 95% of the principal that you invested. You will still be able to keep the all the interest payments that had accrued on the loan.

Furthermore, if a loan defaults (which hasn’t happened on any of the projects yet), the investor will initially receive 80% of their principal back 6 days after the loan matures. For the remaining 20% there is a choice: You can choose to instantly get back half of the remaining principal, or wait until the debt is recovered from the borrowers.

As a result, at least 90% of the investors principal will always be secured. Read more about Envestio’s partial buyback guarantee here.


Is Envestio A Scam?


I know what you may be thinking that loans yielding 20% sound too good to be true. Also, a quick Google search will tell you that Envestio has a trust score of 5.8/10 on TrustPilot. So, is it a scam? 

The answer is no, Envestio is not a scam.

Not only do they offer a buyback guarantee on their loans, Envestio is also very transparent with it’s investors and aims to provide as much details about the projects that they have on their platform as possible. 

If you are interested in investing in any project on the Envestio website, you can click on the project and read more information about where the project will be built, where the money is going, what it’s secured against, and more.

For example, if you wanted to invest in the Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential, you would see information about the company who is taking the loan from Envestio, where they plan to spend the money that they raise, the current state of the real estate market in Riga, what type of financing the loan has and more. 

If you wanted to do due diligence even more, you could then Google the company undertaking the loan as well as the street where this construction is taking place. 


Envestio Review: Screenshots from Briana 4 Development Project

Envestio Review: Screenshots from Briana 4 Development Project

Envestio Review: Screenshots from Briana 4 Development Project


So, why is the Envestio TrustPilot score so low? 

If you read some of the TrustPilot reviews, you’ll quickly see that the main problem investors seem to have has to do with a lack of investments on the platform, NOT with the platform being a scam.

And I can’t blame these people: Envestio has been growing in popularity so fast that new projects are gone within hours of becoming available on the platform.

HOWEVER, luckily the cash drag issue is now a thing of the past.

Envestio has listened to the criticism of investors and in August 2019, they introduced an auto-invest tool for the first time. 


Auto Investing


In August 2019, Envestio introduced their auto-investing tool. With this tool you can invest seamlessly in any project that fits your risk profile.

You can choose between the loan types (real estate, energy, etc.), the expected rate of return, the length of the investment and the amount that you want to invest in each loan. The minimum amount per loan is €100.

Here’s how I’ve set up mine: 

Envestio Review: My Auto-Invest Settings

Envestio Review: My Auto-Invest Settings


The auto-investment function is a great addition to the Envestio platform because like I mentioned before, Envestio has pretty much fallen victim to its own success: the platform is now so popular that most projects are funded within hours. 

The auto-investment tool takes care of cashdrag issues for you, so that you don’t need to be frantically refreshing your email inbox to see when a new project from Envestio becomes available. 

Big thumbs up from me!


Is There A Secondary Market?


There isn’t a secondary market on Envestio, however if you need to liquidate your loans, you can sell your loans back to Envestio early for a 5% fee of your principal.

So, if you had originally invested €1,000 and wanted to get your money back early, you would receive €950 + any interest that you had accrued during the time of your investment.


Envestio Review: My Results After 6 Months 


Envestio has provided me with the highest returns out of any P2P lending platform that I’ve tried and it’s my current favorite Crowdlending platform along with CrowdEstor. Like you’ll see below, I’ve had very good results with Envestio and I’m very happy with the platform!


My Deposits

  • 13th March: €500
  • 23rd April:  €500
  • 8th May:  €500


Here’s a current screenshot of my profile:


Envestio Review: Screenshot of my current account statement

Envestio Review: Screenshot of my current account statement


In total, I’ve deposited €1,500 over the last 6 months, and my current balance sits at €1,625.52. On average, my monthly yield is anywhere from 16-20%. It’s too early to say what the yearly interest rate will be, but at this rate it will be around 18%

This isn’t surprising, since the interest rates for many of their projects range from 16-20%. They have also been very generous with their 270 day signup bonus, which adds an extra 0,5% to your account for that duration and really shows after some time!

For example, I’ve earned €97.34 from interest on my Envestio loans, and a further €27.91 from bonuses on the platform.

Here is how you can get that extra Bonus as well: By signing up via my link, you get a 5€ Bonus on your first deposit and a 0,5% timespan Bonus on all of your investments on the platform over the first 270 days.


My Monthly Income From Envestio


Envestio Review: My Monthly Income From Envestio

Envestio Review: My Monthly Income From Envestio


Ever since I started investing with Envestio and increasing my deposits, my monthly income has been climbing up. Since June, my monthly income has been anywhere from €22-26 per month, which is equal to a yield of around 17-20%. 

Now that Envestio offers the auto-investment option for investments, I think that my monthly income will be even higher as there won’t be any cashdrag.  

If you want to read my monthly reports in full, you can check them out here.

If you want to start making similar returns on Envestio and claim the sign up bonus, you can use my link, to get a 5€ Bonus on your first deposit and a 0,5% timespan Bonus on all of your investments on the platform over the first 270 days.


Going Forward


Like I mentioned, Envestio has become very popular among investors and because of that, the interests rates that they offer on the platform have decreased a little. When Envestio first launched, they offered interest rates up to 22%, However, currently the average interest rates are more between 16-18%. 

This is still a very high return compared to other crowd lending platforms, especially since you get a buyback guarantee with your investments. 

Now let’s address the main issue that investors have had with Envestio: cashdrag.

Honestly, I think the auto-investment tool is going to fix this issue. 

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve already successfully invested in 2 separate loans with the auto-investment tool. It’s been a completely hands-off experience and the loans fit my risk profile. 

If auto-investment isn’t for you, Envestio will still send out emails about all new projects so that you can do your due diligence before investing your money into projects.


Envestio Review: The Conclusion 


Envestio is a great platform to use if you want to increase your portfolio’s overall returns.

The projects on Envestio usually go very quickly, so I recommend using the auto-investment tool in your strategy. 

Personally, I also love the fact that you will get a 0,5% bonus for 270 days – this will further increase the returns that you see on the platform!


Envestio Bonus: Get 0,5% Cashback For 270 Days


If you want to kickstart your earnings on Envestio, you can do so with their 0,5% cashback deal. You will get an exclusive 0,5% bonus on all the investments that you make within the first 270 days of your registration as well as an extra €5 if you sign up through my partner link. You will not get this bonus if you sign up directly on Envestio.com!

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Other Options


If you’re hesitant about investing with Envestio, you can head over to my portfolio and see what other platforms I’ve been using and what returns I get from them. 

In particular, there is another crowd lending platform called CrowdEstor that is very similar to Envestio. The returns on CrowdEstor are between 14-20%, which is a little lower than what Envestio offers, but still a great return.

The main difference (and benefit) of CrowdEstor is that you can see projects on the platform before they launch. 




This means that you can do some due diligence before the projects launch and set up a reminder in your calendar for when the project launches. This means that you can plan your investments more and be more prepared for the loans.

The loan types on CrowdEstor are also similar to Envestio: they offer business, real estate, transport and startup projects with a minimum investment of €50.



Thank you for reading this Envestio review. I hope you found it useful and that I gave you some new ideas to use in your strategy. Please feel free to let me know more about your strategy in the comments below!

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