P2P Cashback Offers

by Sep 12, 2019

This page lists current P2P cashback and bonus offers and tells investors how to take advantage of them. Many P2P platforms use cashback incentives for the first few months to entice investors to invest in their platform. If you are looking to increase your profits in the short term, taking advantage of as many sign up bonuses is a great idea to boost the overall performance of your portfolio.

Below, you’ll find the best current P2P cashback offers in the European market. To take advantage of the offers, simply click on the link provided and sign up. In most cases, clicking through the link is enough and you won’t need to apply any other codes. 

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PlatformMinimum InvestmentCashbackMinimum Investment PeriodHow To Claim + Notes
Mintos€101% of everything invested for the first 90 daysNoneClaim the bonus using this link and get 1% cashback for the first 90 days.
EnvestioNone€5 sign up bonus + 0,5% of everything invested for the first 270 days NoneClaim the bonus using this linkand get €5 + 0,5% cashback for the first 270 days.
EstateGuru €500,5% Bonus of all investments for the first 90 days when you sign up. Use this link to claim 0,5% Bonus of all investments for the first 90 days.
BondoraNone€5 NoneClaim your €5 sign up bonus with this link
October EU€500 deposited to account€20NoneUse this link, deposit €500 and claim €20. When you register as a new user on the October EU website, it asks you for a ‘sponsor code’. Mine is MJUVAKKA. You can either use the link I provided above or this sponsorcode to claim your €20 cashback bonus, they are the same.
KuetzalNone0,5% for the first 180 days.NoneClaim 0,5% bonus for the first 180 days here.
Lenndy€100€10NoneClaim €10 bonus here
Bit Of PropertyNone€10NoneUse this link to Register an account on Bit Of Property and claim your €10 bonus!

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