April Portfolio Update

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Welcome to my first ever portfolio update! I’ve been wanting to make a portfolio report for a long time now, as I feel they are great to reflect on. My first income report is going to be quite plain and simple, since I don’t have that much data to enter into fancy charts.

Once I do, I’ll give you the stats in an excel format that’s easier to read.

Anyhow, let’s see how April performed for me!



April Portfolio Income


Mintos: € 3,137.27 + ₽3,790.18 (rubles) = €3,189 (last month’s balance: €3,149.66; Interest received: €39.34)

Grupeer: €1,002.95 (last month’s balance: €0; Interest received: €2.95)

EstateGuru: €1,001.75 (last month’s balance: €0; Interest received: €1.75)

Envestio: € 1,025.19 (last month’s balance: €513; Interest & bonus received: €12.19)

RoboCash: € 1,009.09 (last month’s balance: €1,001.54; Interest received: €7.55)


Total P2P: €7,227.98

Total Interest: €63.78


April Stats


Total Deposites Made: Grupeer: €1,000 / Envestio: €500 / EstateGuru: €1,000 = €2,500

XIRR: 12.50% (excluding new investments/deposits made)

April net income from other sources (after tax): €2,300

Blog visitors: 40 users


What’s New In April?


Wow! I’m a bit blown away by the amount of money that I invested in April. My target for each month is to put aside €1,500, but somehow I ended up investing €2,500 and I didn’t even realise. Oh well, this makes it easier for me in May as I’ll only have to put another €500 in.

I decided to add funds to two new platforms: EstateGuru and Grupeer. Both have an excellent reputation in the P2P community, so I hope to see some great results there in the following few months.

I do have to point out that it seems like most loans on EstateGuru are bullet loans, so I probably won’t see much income from there in the first year or so. In any case, I will keep you updated.




I’ve been really happy with the performance of my Mintos account over the last month. Even though in my dashboard my yield seems pretty low (10.81%), it actually comes to about 12% because of some loans that I invested in a different currency.

I transferred about €100 into Russian rubles a couple months ago to be able to invest in 18% loans, and not only were they paid without any complications, the ruble also grew stronger against the euro. So, I managed to make a decent profit from it.

However, I’ve decided that I don’t want to deal with currency fluctuations from now on, so I’m exchanging the rubles back to euros.

So far, Mintos is my favorite platform among all the P2P platforms, because it seems to be the least risky: the loans are short (my loans are up to 3 months), the interest rate is great and the company is profitable and reputable. They are the biggest P2P loan provider in continental Europe and dominate the market there.


If you want to get started with investing on Mintos, you can get a +1% Bonus for the first 90 days when you sign up here.




I feel like I have to write a special paragraph about Envestio on this report. Looking at the performance of all the investments from last month, Envestio definitely outperformed all the other platforms. In fact, the total XIRR for April seems to be 24%, which is way higher than any of the loans that I invested in.

So, how can this be? Well, it seems like some of the money that I invested in March was only paid back in April, so actually the received interest reflects two months worth of income more accurately.

In any case, Envestio is my second favorite platform at the moment thanks to their amazing yields.

They also offer €5 + 0,5% bonus for all your deposits for the first 270 days of investing, which can have a huge impact on your gains. To take advantage of this offer, click here!

However, it seems like Envestio is a favorite among many other investors too, as the loans on the site are funded in a matter of hours now. This is why I’ve chosen to keep a bit of free cash on the platform to wait for future investments.



What’s Next?


In May/June I might be going on a trip to Norway, and if that happens, then I might reduce the amounts that I put towards my nest egg a little bit. Norway is expensive you know!

I’ve also thought about getting started with other investments in addition to P2P lending. I already own two properties in Estonia, but I don’t have any exposure to stocks/ETFs/funds, so it might be wise for me to look into those once I get closer to my €10,000 goal for P2P.

I’m also thinking of reducing some of my student loans. The interest rate for those isn’t high at the moment (it’s the rate of inflation), however once I start earning more than £45,000 in the UK, the government will ramp up the interest rate to 6+%.

Luckily, as I’m self-employed I’ll always have the option to do my trade as a business instead and keep my official salary very low, but still. It would be good to start getting rid of some of the loans, especially since they come to about €48,000 in total.

And yes, it’s expensive as heck to study in the UK.


Newest Investments


You can head over to my portfolio to see the latest state of my portfolio and where my money has gone in the last months!

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