About Millenial Money Talk

Hi there! I’m Maria, the girl behind the blog.

I’m a 27-year-old Londoner who’s passionate about money and investing. My primary goal for this blog is to report my journey towards financial freedom and paying off my student loan debt.

Unlike many bloggers in the FIRE community, I’m not investing in order to quit my job and retire. I want to make enough money investing so that I can feel secure and have a nest to fall back on, but also to buy nice things, eat in nice restaurants and enjoy my life more.

I am quite lucky in the sense that I work for myself and I’m in control of my income. I also love what I do. So, I feel that instead of increasing my savings rate, I can work smarter and make more money. (If you wish to check out my full-time gig, feel free to come say hello on The Chic Pursuit – this is my online platform where I teach fashion bloggers how to make more money!)


My Passive Income Goals


My first passive income goal is to earn €1,600 per month from my investments (after tax). This covers my necessary living expenses, including my office rent, but excluding primary rent.

My second passive income goal is €3,200 (after tax).  At this level, I could afford all my expenses + a small central London rental. At this point, I would consider myself financially free.

My third goal: €8,333. This means that I would earn six figures from my investments!


What You Can Expect From Me


I’m going to be completely transparent with you on this blog. I’m going to report all the successes, but also all the failures. I’m very open about how much I earn, what my expenses are and what returns I get from each of the platforms that I invest in.

I’m going to be reviewing all of the P2P platforms that I use, as well as giving you a detailed update of my portfolio every month.

I hope that following my journey will inspire you to start improving your own personal finances and to start investing for your future too!




The information on this blog is not investment advice. I’m simply documenting my journey towards financial freedom.

I’m not associated with any of the investment platforms I use. Everything described here reflects my experience and my opinion.

The blog contains affiliate links. If you click on any links and decide to invest in any of the products or services, I might earn a small commission. Most of the time when I earn a commission, you will also receive a bonus for using my links. It’s a win/win situation for everyone!




If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on maria (at) chicpursuit.com






Hi there, I’m Maria! On this blog I document my journey towards financial freedom and share every step of the way with you. I’m showing you my monthly investment portfolio: what works, what doesn’t as well as my income and expenses. Everything on this blog is very transparent – I hope you enjoy!


Monthly Portfolio Updates

January Update – €26,889.33

December Update – €28,498.28

November Update – €25,563

October Update – €21,819.92

September Update – €17,261.26

August Update – €13,996.1

July Update – €10,449.53

June Update – €8,077.73

May Update – €7,797.80

April Update €7,227.98


Best P2P Deals


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